Paddle board Yoga

Tuning in to the gentle movement of water, watching the light dance on the surface moving in time with the rhythm of the water; Yoga and paddleboarding a match made in heaven.

This morning I went for a Yoga and paddle board session with the lululemon ambassadors and team for a reviving, relaxing sunrise Yoga session followed by Paddle boarding at Westhaven Marina Auckland with Annebelle Anderson, Starboardnz.

There are a lot of similarities in focus and core effort in the two modalities and while out on the water this morning, I took (mental) note of a some of the main benefits of stand up paddle boarding that would help keep you balanced both on the mat and board.

Physical Benefits of Paddleboarding:

  • Core strengthening muscle groups in the mid-section of our bodies, essentially joining our lower bodies to our upper body.
  • Latisimus Dorsi – the mid back muscle that gives that great “V” shape. This muscle works every time we bring our arm back to our body.
  • Deltiods – The muscles that wrap around your upper shoulder joint – used when you raise your arm to the front, side or rear of your body.
  • Triceps Brachi – The muscle group that forms the back side of your upper arm. Far larger than the more well know Biceps. Used for straightening your arm.
  • Toning for the thighs, buttocks, waist and also chest Muscles , pectoralis and Biceps Brachi

Wellness and stress reducing benefits:

  • Paddling is low impact and low stress on the body and although physically strengthening  it does not exert too much energy so you finish a session feeling refreshed and invigorated.
  • When paddling socially,  it is a non competitive sport . Mixing up competitive sports such as netball or football with something like boarding still contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system and can also help lower your blood pressure. Less stress is involved as you are only competing with yourself and the water so you are able to remain present and mindful through out.
  • In Yoga, water is the element linked to the Svadishthana Chakra energy center. Physically the second Chakra surrounds the pelvic/genital area. This energy center is connected to creativity, emotions and sensuality. Any contact with water (or jivan in sanskrit) can be beneficial for healing imbalances with emotions or sensuality. If you don’t happen to live by the ocean,  rivers or lakes , then meditating on the qualities of water for example; the fluidity and adaptability of water can be just as valuable.

I love  it and think it is a lot of fun so give it a try,  remember the worst that can happen is- You get wet…. but you’ll soon dry off!



To find out more about Standup supsnz and to find out about their movie night ‘That first glide’ coming soon- check out their website below.



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